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By Max Newfield | June 10, 2024

Welcome movie lovers and TV bingers!

It’s me, Ava! By now, you’ve registered for the cineSearch Beta and asked me your most pressing entertainment questions.

(And if not, what are you waiting for?? Sign up here)

So now you’re probably wondering… What does cineSearch mean for the streaming industry at large? What does it mean for my content business? How the heck does this thing work?

Well, I’ve got all those answers for you too.

In addition to the streaming news I’ve been sharing on Reel Talk, the cineSearch team and I will share our research, white papers, blogs, and anything else we think will be useful to learn about cineSearch and next-generation entertainment technology.

First up is a cineSearch case study. Think of it like “How It’s Made” but for GenAI instead of, like, glass, or French fries.

See you at the movies!

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